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japan’s oldest hot spring hotel

(japanese-style inn)

Any guests having tattoo on their body can not enter the public baths.

The Sekizenkan Ryokan (Japanese-Style Inn) consists of the Main Building, the Sanso Building and Kashotei.
Built in 1691, the Main Building is known as the oldest hot spring hotel in Japan.
Built in 1936, the Sanso Building was created using the essence of techniques of master builders of the time,
with the fixtures in each room containing delicate workmanship, helping to make this a building beloved by politicians and prominent authors.The Kashotei is a traditional Japanese ryokan (inn) located in deep pine forest.

Located on the highest point of the hotel grounds, this is the hotel’s newest building,
and allows guests to experience beautiful scenery and comfortable stays.
Due their history and architectural design, the Main Building, the Sanso Building,
and the Genroku no Yu hot spring baths have been designated as cultural assets.

Some of the highest quality hot spring
water in japan

The Shima hot springs area in which the Sekizenkan Ryokan (Japanese-Style Inn) is located was the first area in Japan to be designated as a hot spring health resort, and the high quality of its hot spring water is so well known that it is also referred to as “the cure for 40,000 illnesses” (“Shima” means 40,000 in Japanese.).
In addition, because the Sekizenkan Ryokan (Japanese-Style Inn) possesses its own hot spring with a flow rate of 800 liters per minute, guests can enjoy fresh, high quality hot spring water throughout their stay.The hotel has also received numerous Japanese media awards including “The best hot spring in Japan,”“The best 16 hot springs for depression,”“The best 3 hot springs for digestive system ailments,” and “Beautiful, secluded hot springs of Japan.

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Model for movies and animated films

The hotel has also served as a model for Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “Spirited Away”, and as a filming location for the movie “Heaven Station” starring Sayuri Yoshinaga, as well as television dramas and commercials. Numerous television interviews have also been carried out at the hotel.

Model for movies and animated films


The oldest existing hot spring hotel in Japan Main building

Main building

Established in the Shima hot springs area as a spa and inn in 1691, the Sekizenkan Ryokan (Japanese-Style Inn) has been entertaining guests for over 300 years.
When first established, the main building was a typical two-storied Edo era hot spring inn consisting of 6 tatami mat guest rooms without closets and tokonoma (traditional Japanese alcoves). Guest rooms were separated by fusuma (sliding doors), and shoji (paper screen doors) were used for privacy from the outside of the inn.
Although a third floor containing a shoin style banquet room was added around 1897, the main building is still the same size as when it was first built.

Elegance and finesse of japanese design Sanso building

Sanso building

Built with all the elegance of Momoyama era architecture.
Blending in perfectly with the surrounding environment, this building has been beloved by many famous personalities.Connected to the main building by a softly lighted passageway.
This elegant Momoyama era style building boasts the superior workmanship of master builders throughout its structure.
Guestrooms visited by numerous famous personalities escaping the heat of summer in bygone days are still filled with the cooling murmur of a nearby stream.

Luxury and impeccable care Kashotei


Special time surrounded by deep forest.
The Kashotei is located further up from the Sanso wing on a high point away from undesired noise. The branches of old pine trees are reminiscent of majestic Japanese paintings. High, wide open skies and flowing clouds.
Long known for its spectacular scenery, this location provides visitors with slow, quiet, and special time surrounded by a deep pine forest.


  • Main Building

    Main Building

    Standard accommodation plan with breakfast and dinner.

    price 8,000JPY ~/Guest


  • Sanso Building

    Sanso Building

    Standard accommodation plan with breakfast and dinner.

    price 22,000JPY ~/Guest



  • Kashotei


    Standard accommodation plan with breakfast and dinner.

    price 27,000JPY ~/Guest



HOT SPRING High quality hot spring water

Genroku no Yu (Main building / 5:00~25:00)

Ganroku no Yu

The Genroku no Yu bath house is a Taisho era Romanesque building which was constructed in 1930.
A variety of baths located in an expansive interior, arch windows, and a high ceiling all help to preserve the original atmosphere of this bath house.
And of course, guests can enjoy fresh hot spring water at all times.

  • Mori no Yu (Kashotei / 5:00~11:00、14:00~25:00)

    Mori no Yu

    The Mori no Yu baths are a particular pride of the hotel, and consist of an outdoor and a large indoor bath surrounded by trees which give guests the opportunity to view seasonal foliage colors while relaxing in a hot bath.
    Enjoy an experience unique to the Sekizenkan which is surrounded by and has grown together with a beautiful natural forest.

  • Sanso no Yu (Sanso / 5:00~25:00)

    Sanso no Yu

    The “Sanso no Yu” bathroom can be locked from the inside and used by families.
    Enjoy a special family time.

DISHES The taste of season in japan

Essence of Japanese cuisine


Your nakai (waitress) will bring your meals to your room to enjoy in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Meals prepared using carefully selected ingredients and the utmost care will allow you to appreciate the degree of delicacy our chefs incorporate into their cuisine.
Only by serving traditional kaiseki (multi-course Japanese) meals can our guests experience the uncompromising “essence of Japanese cuisine.”

ACCESS How to get to the Sekizenkan Ryokan

how to access from the current location

Take the Shin-tokkyu Kusatsu-go (New Limited Express Kusatsu) from Nakanojo, get off at Nakanojo Station, take the bus to Shima Hot Springs, and get off at the last stop.
From Nerima, head towards Niigata, get off at the Shibukawa-Ikaho I.C., and then head towards Nakanojo and Shima Hot Springs.
Cross over Shima Bridge, pass through 2 tunnels, and enter Shima Hot Spring Resort.
Pass through the resort and cross over a red bridge to get to the Main Building.

Sekizenkan Ryokan (Japanese-Style Inn) Kashotei and Sanso Buildings

Address 4236, Shima Ko, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-0601, Japan
TEL +81-279-64-2101
FAX +81-279-64-2369


  • BY CAR





From Tokyo Nerima I.C.

  1. Kan-Etsu Expressway Approx. 70min.
  2. Shibukawa-Ikaho I.C.
  3. R353 Approx. 25min.
  4. Nakanojo
  5. R353 15km
    Approx. 25min.
    (Bus approx.40min. Taxi Approx. 20min.)
  6. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen

From Niigata Niigata nisi I.C.

  1. Kan-Etsu ExpresswayApprox. 100min.
  2. Tsukiyono I.C.
  3. R353 Approx. 25min.
  4. Nakanojo
  5. R353 15km
    Approx. 25min.
    (Bus approx.40min. Taxi Approx. 20min.)
  6. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen

From Nagoya Komaki I.C.

  1. Chuo Expressway Approx. 120min.
  2. Osaka JCT
  3. Nagano Expressway Approx. 50min.
  4. Koshoku JCT
  5. Joshinetsu Expressway Approx. 15min.
  6. Uedasugadaira I.C.
  7. R144 R145 Approx. 110min.
  8. R353 15km
    Approx. 25min.
    (Bus approx.40min. Taxi Approx. 20min.)
  9. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen


From Tokyo Ueno station

  1. Shin-tokyyu kusatsu-go
    (New Kusatsu Limited Express)
    Approx. 2hours9min.
  2. Nakanojo
  3. Bus Approx. 40min.
    Taxi Approx. 20min.
  4. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen

From Tokyo Tokyo station

  1. Joetsu Shinkansen Approx. 50min.
  2. Takasaki
  3. Joetsu Shinkansen Approx. 50min.
  4. Shibukawa
  5. JR Agatsuma Line Approx. 30min.
  6. Nakanojo
  7. Bus Approx. 40min.
    Taxi Approx. 20min.
  8. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen

From Niigata Niigata station

  1. Joetsu Shinkansen Approx. 50min.
  2. Nagaoka
  3. Joetsu Shinkansen Approx. 43min.
  4. Jumo kogen
  5. Taxi Approx. 60min.
  6. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen

From Niigata Kanazawa station

  1. Hokuriku Line
    Limited Express
    Approx. 3hours8min.
  2. Nagaoka
  3. Joetsu Shinkansen Approx. 43min.
  4. Jumo kogen
  5. Taxi Approx. 60min.
  6. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen


Tokyo station Yaesu Exit departs 9:00

  1. Shima Onsen-go
    Shima Hot Spring Resort Bus,
    kan-Etsu Transport Approx. 4hours.
  2. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen


Narita International Airport

  1. Narita Express Approx. 59min.
  2. Tokyo Station
  3. JR Yamanote Line Approx. 7min.
  4. Ueno Station
  5. Shin-tokkyu Kusatsu-go
    (New Kusatsu Limited Express)
    Approx. 2hours 9min.
  6. Nkanojo Station
  7. Bus Approx. 40min.
    Taxi Approx. 20min.
  8. 四万温泉 Shima Onsen